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What is Negligence and Why is it Important to My Case?
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What is Negligence and Why is it Important to My Case?

If you read personal injury blogs, you hear the word “negligence” a lot. Also, if you have any involvement in a personal injury case, you will hear the word repeatedly. The idea of negligence is one of the cornerstones of personal injury lawsuits. Therefore, your Alpharetta personal injury attorney must prove negligence to win a case.

Defining Negligence

In general, the definition of negligence is an individual’s failure to perform a specific action with proper care. Personal injury cases break down negligence into four parts: duty, breach, causation, and damages. More specifically, this means we must prove the defendant has some responsibility for the other party’s safety or well-being. Next, you need evidence that shows the defendant’s breach of duty with their negligent actions. It must then be clear that their disregard for responsibility was the direct cause of the injuries or property damage. Lastly, the case presentation must prove that the injuries or property damage was the cause of notable suffering or damages.

Why is Negligence Important to Personal Injury Cases?

The concept of negligence is crucial to every personal injury case. This can look different depending on the circumstances of the case. In a car accident, the actions of a speeding driver may cause an accident resulting in injuries.  In this situation, the speeding driver was negligent. The driver may be found responsible for the accident and may have to compensate the injured party. In a slip and fall case, if the property owner fails to create a safe environment, they may be negligent. The property owner may be held responsible for compensating an individual that suffers an injury while on their property.

If you are suffering an injury from an accident, you might have grounds for filing a personal injury claim. For more information, check our contact page to speak with a Nashville personal injury lawyer. We will help you gather the evidence to prove negligence in your case.