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What Is an Accident Scene Investigation?
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What Is an Accident Scene Investigation?

Accident Scene Investigation

An accident scene investigation systematically gathers evidence and processes information to recreate the events and prove fault. First, local authorities initiate a thorough investigation while still at the scene, but it doesn’t stop there. Even after cleaning up the area, the gathered evidence may find its way into the hands—or labs—of other experts.

Why are the results of these findings so critical during the legal process? Keep reading to learn all about the importance of accident investigations from our Alpharetta auto accident lawyers.

The Need for an Accident Investigation

Although no one plans accidents, they still cause plenty of damage. Physical injuries and property damage are common. In the worst-case scenario, someone might even lose their life. Therefore, proving fault is a must for anyone seeking compensation for lost wages, medical bills, or pain and suffering. That’s the sole purpose of an investigation.

Ideally, those at fault would fess up and admit guilt, but that doesn’t always happen. Negligent individuals often lie to cover their tracks. And sometimes, determining the guilty party isn’t always straightforward. Investigations confirm the facts and unveil how things actually ensued.

Determining the cause of an incident isn’t always an open and shut case. Therefore, investigations vary in length, depending on the situation’s complexity and extent of the injuries. In minor instances, it’s possible to close an insurance claim in a month or less. However, most investigations last two months or longer, especially if the accident resulted in a fatality. Your Marietta car accident lawyer can assist you throughout this process.

List of Investigation Players

Completing a thorough accident scene analysis is a time-consuming process. The goal is to figure out how the events that led to the incident transpired and who is at fault. It takes a team of experts to put all the puzzle pieces together. Some of the key players include:

  • Responding police officers
  • Forensic scientists
  • Engineers
  • Medical doctors
  • Eyewitnesses
  • Other expert witnesses

Each person brings a different perspective to the table. They use their knowledge to explain what they believe happened. Police officers write a report based on what they saw when responding to the incident. Highway engineers can reconstruct accident scenes to offer possible scenarios. Medical doctors explain what they think caused the victim’s injuries. Forensic scientists examine evidence in a lab to find any overlooked evidence, while eyewitnesses recall what they saw when the accident occurred.

Get Closure—and Compensation—After an Accident

Dealing with an injury accident is never a welcome event, especially if you end up hurt due to someone else’s negligence. However, proving fault to obtain a judgment for monetary damages is a must. The Knoxville, TN car accident lawyers at Howe Law Injury & Accident Lawyers wants to help. Our Valdosta car accident lawyers will present the facts from the investigation and gather evidence from key witnesses to prove your case. Seeking justice for victims is our top priority.

Seeking monetary compensation for an injury? Schedule a free consultation with our Nashville, TN car accident lawyers to learn how we can make the facts from the accident scene investigation work in your favor.