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How Do You Collect Payment for Medical Bills After an Accident in Tennessee?
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How Do You Collect Payment for Medical Bills After an Accident in Tennessee?

After car accidents, injured drivers and passengers might be left with medical debt they cannot afford. There are various ways in which someone can collect payment for their medical debt from those responsible for the accident.

Most people do not willingly pay for someone else’s medical bills, even if they are to blame. Instead, an attorney can help you take legal action to pay for your damages. You can file insurance claims, initiate lawsuits, or negotiate settlement agreements to collect payment for medical bills and other damages. How you take legal action depends on your situation and what is best for your case. An attorney can help you navigate the process and get your damages paid for as quickly as possible. In many cases, medical expenses are covered by health insurance. Even so, health insurance often does not cover everything, and you can still take action to collect payments from the other driver. If the other driver cannot pay, you can explore other options.

You can contact our Tennessee car accident lawyers about how to collect payments for your medical bills after a crash. For a free case assessment with our team, call Howe Law at (844) 876-4357.

Where Can I Collect Payment for Medical Bills After an Accident in Tennessee?

An attorney can help you pursue legal action to collect payment for medical bills after a car accident. Which method you decide to use is up to you and your Savannah personal injury lawyer. Our Tennessee car accident attorneys can help you decide which method is best for your case and the most likely to get you the financial compensation you need.

Insurance claims are a very common first choice among injured drivers. In Tennessee, all drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance while on the road. This insurance is designed to help people financially during an accident. In Tennessee, liability insurance covers the expenses of other drivers hurt in an accident. If someone causes a collision, their liability insurance can be used to pay for other drivers’ injuries and damages, including medical bills. The minimum liability insurance requirements in Tennessee are $25,000 for bodily injuries per injury, $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident, and $15,000 for property damage per accident.

Insurance companies can be fickle and are notoriously hard to deal with. If your claim is denied, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver to hold them liable for your damages. If you win your case, the other driver must pay for your medical expenses and other damages we can claim in the lawsuit. Things like vehicle damage, lost income from being too injured to work, pain, suffering, and more are all on the table.

Just because we begin a lawsuit does not mean we have to end things in a climactic courtroom battle. Instead, we can negotiate a settlement with the other driver and reach a private agreement outside court. Settlements must be negotiated between the parties, and how much compensation you get from the defendant depends on what kind of evidence you have and the negotiation skills of your attorney. Our Georgia car accident attorneys have experience with settlements and can help you get your medical bills paid.

How Do I Take Legal Action to Collect Payment for Medical Costs After an Accident in Tennessee?

You can get payments for medical bills in one of two ways. First, you can file a third-party claim against the other driver’s insurance. Second, you can file a claim with your own insurance if the other driver is uninsured. Tennessee is a fault-based insurance state, meaning injured drivers must file claims with the other driver’s insurance and prove they caused the crash to get financial compensation. Typically, insurance companies want some proof of the accident and your medical bills before they agree to pay anything. It is crucial that you speak to our Tennessee car accident attorneys before communicating with an insurance company. Insurance companies are infamously hard to deal with and will search for any excuse to get out of paying.

If your insurance claim is denied or the insurance company gives you the run-around, we can help you file a lawsuit. Sometimes, the lawsuit is enough to pressure the insurance company into covering your medical bills. Other times, we must take the other driver to court, prove they caused the accident, and hold them liable for their negligence. The great thing about a lawsuit is that you might be able to claim more damages and get greater financial compensation. Insurance claims often do not include non-economic damages like pain and suffering, but those damages and more are on the table in a lawsuit.

Settlements are usually connected to lawsuits but do not end with a jury verdict. Instead, we must negotiate the settlement and persuade the defendant to agree to pay for your medical bills. Getting the defendant to compromise and pay for your damages might be relatively easy if we have strong evidence. If evidence is hard to come by, a settlement might not be the best option.

Collecting Payments for Medical Bills in Tennessee with Health Insurance

Drivers are sometimes confused over whether they can collect payments for medical bills after their medical care has been covered by their own health insurance. The answer to this question depends on how much coverage you get from your health insurance.

In most cases, health insurance does not cover all your medical expenses. Health insurance, and most other forms of insurance, only come into play after you have paid your deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you must pay before your health insurance covers anything. You might still pay a lot out of pocket if you have high deductibles before your health insurance kicks in.

Our Hattiesburg car accident lawyers can help you collect payments for any medical expenses you paid out of pocket, including costly deductibles.

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