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Meet Kevin Brummett, Esq.

Having grown up in a blue-collar working town, Attorney Kevin S. Brummett has the ability to relate to most people. In fact, he can take the most difficult legal issue and make it easy for anyone to understand. He is passionate about helping every client, and he treats every case individually and personally.

Because he is an advocate for working on a contingency basis, Attorney Kevin S. Brummett wants to help all injured people get legal representation at a time when they most need it without consideration of their financial means. Therefore, our clients only pay for services if they collect compensation. In other words, payment is not upfront but will come directly from that compensation.

Having the ability to empathize with his clients is one of Attorney Kevin S. Brummett’s greatest strengths. He understands and recognizes the effects that a personal injury can have on the lives of his clients.

In order to take care of his clients, Attorney Kevin S. Brummett is involved in every case. He makes himself available as needed to handle questions and concerns.

Attorney Kevin S. Brummett and his wife Amy have been married for over 27 years and have two sons. Will, their oldest son, works for Homeland Security, and Geoffrey is employed and works at the State Psychiatric Hospital.

Attorney Kevin S. Brummett is a competitive golfer, shooter, and poker player as well as being an avid follower of his hometown Baltimore Ravens and Orioles. He has done volunteer work with children and adults with special needs since college.

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